May. 16th, 2014 09:06 pm
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[Twilight marks a new resident in town. Is there a New Feather season anylonger? Xemnas' arrival to Luceti's town center is remarkably unobtrusive save the sense of Darkness that clings to him like a second skin. He'd already determined that leaving will be difficult, if not impossible, so finding out what information he can becomes a priority. And what's one more black cloaked, hooded person walking about? Not even the black and white almost striped little wings stand out much.

He has a few destinations, easily found at any of them on accident or on purpose. The welcome center and the promise of something useful there, then one by one each shop, to mark what's there that might be useful. And then gradually anywhere else in the village, one location at a time. He has all night, it seems, and is in no particular hurry. Rushing about made the joint between skin and feathers on his back ache, and there was no point in causing unnecessary hurt to himself. He already felt a little unwell thanks to pulling out one of the scattered white feathers, still held in one gloved hand. It was his, he was going to keep it.]
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From here on out for the forseeable future, this journal will be for Luceti. If you have it friended/watched still for Route, things could get confusing in the near future!
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[Things have gotten a little.. odd, as midnight passed. Xemnas hadn't noticed at first, he was asleep and could sleep like the dead if sufficiently - but his Kadabra noticed, and after several minutes of waiting to see if the flash and thundrous crack of sound would repeat itself, went to carefully shake his master awake and relay what he'd seen.

The tent Xemnas had purchased in Goldenrod served well, keeping the late-year chill out (especially with several pokemon taking up residence inside with him), which meant getting on a few layers before venturing outside to watch the sky, and then the surroundings. His own senses were only as good as a human's, but with his pokemon now awake and theirs added to his own it's a little easier to tell that things are going a bit.. weird out here. More than a bit weird, was the landscape different?]

...Let's get moving. Whatever caused that, I don't want to be caught in the open for if it happens again.

[Malice glances at Xemnas, ears flattening back.]

::I have reason to believe we are in a new location, sir. This isn't Route 43.::

[That draws pause from Xemnas, who glances around again, this time looking for more than just shrubs and grass. ... And couldn't find fault with that conclusion. This earns a scowl and a sharp gesture. He didn't recognize the area. He'd never been to Kanto, nevermind being near Celadon City.]

Then whatever's chosen to shift us around like pieces on a chessboard won't find us waiting patiently the next time, will it?

[He sets to disassembling camp; after a moment the pokemon he has with hands begin helping. Time to get the hell out of dodge before anything else weird happened.]
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Introspectiony stuff. )

I suppose it was only a matter of time before someone leaving this world left behind one or two of their creatures with me. I have been intending to find a fire-type for some time now, it seems I will not have to. Likewise the small blind and very bite-happy dragon it came with.

For those who knew the boy, Vanitas is no longer present. Perhaps he will return one day.

It seems that soon there will be a .. 'haunted house' opening. I suggest everyone visit. After all, it isn't every day of the year that one may run around in costume and terrify people without being arrested for disturbing the peace. It should be exciting. Do you suppose they can truly induce fear in anyone who visits?


Aug. 27th, 2013 04:21 pm
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[The video clicks on to focus not on Xemnas, but a rather sedate looking kadabra carefully picking burrs out of a blitzle's fur, the ever-present kadabra-spoon held in its teeth. Both have rather new looking and fairly loose black collars studded with small silvery ...studs, and a single bright silver charm a little too distant to make out clearly. Neither seem to mind said collars, possibly because they'd be able to get them off very easily if they wanted to. When Xemnas speaks, likely the one holding the camera, he sounds bemused.]

I have finally seen evolution in this world for myself, but not with one of the pokemon I have had the longest. Is it odd, that the abra I captured not so long ago, evolved so quickly into its next form? Or is this common for wild-caught pokemon? I have high hopes of seeing the second stage of Regret's own evolution soon.

[The blitzle notices the camera first and perks up visibly. Then begins making faces at it, no small fete for a horselike face. Aside from a slow flick of its rather fluffy tail, the kadabra doesn't bother to divert from its goal of burrs.]

Additionally the growlithe that had chosen to accompany me is still present. If anyone is desirous of having a free growlithe, alert me and I will bring it somewhere you can capture it. To the young man I purchased the gastly egg from: it is a remarkable creature, and one I suspect I will keep for some time. You must be very pleased with its parents.


Aug. 17th, 2013 09:59 pm
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In which Xemnas spends an entire day chasing around an Abra, and can't get rid of a growlithe. )


[From the sound of sharp little hooves on road, he's managed to find a proper route to follow.]

Is it ordinary that a pokemon might decide to join you, whether or not you wish it to be there?
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[It's.. a blitzle, poking cautiously with a stick clenched in her teeth. Distinctly. And it's still nighttime, OR said blitzle is somewhere rather dark. It could be Ilex Forest, that place doesn't get too bright even in daytime. She hasn't figured out human speech, so her very quiet activation of the pokegear and query are both quite firmly properly 'pokemon'. There is a deerling jostling for position, but seems to lack the size and weight to shove the blitzle aside.]

I know I'm not allowed to use this but I think I can make the messages go away later on. Does anyone know how to make your trainer happy again after you've made him mad? We've tried a lot of things, and it doesn't work!

[Those who don't understand pokemon: good luck figuring this one out.]


Jul. 30th, 2013 12:53 am
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In which Xemnas encounters fossil pokemon, and discovers inn fees are not so bad. )


[He doesn't look annoyed but boy he is. He seems to be at an inn. And that is absolutely a blitzle happily jumping on the bed in the background, doing cheerful somersaults every few bounces. A pokemon egg, carefully nestled in what looks suspiciously like a long black leather coat, sits by the bed.

An aerodactyl glides past the window outside.]

Good evening, strangers and known individuals alike. It seems there's a bit of an infestation going on, as others have surely noticed. I wonder, has anyone set to catching these creatures yet?

[There's a moment's pause, and a faint frown.]

Another thought; I understand there are many here whom breed pokemon rather than battling them. I seek the expertise of one with experience in breeding and handling growlithes.


Jul. 22nd, 2013 04:04 pm
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[Audio only. The voice is a rather pleasant baritone.]

Good evening, denizens of this new world, human and pokemon alike. I am Xemnas. Perhaps there will be a few of you who recognize such a name.

[His pleasant tone never wavers; there's almost no emotional inflection at all.] This is a world I know little of. I have studied the information I have been able to find, and this little foal has been very dutiful in attempting to aid me in that search. [At this, there is a small, cheerful-sounding "Blitz!" in the background.]

If one could supply further information, or where to find it, I would be ... grateful. But tell me, countless unknown strangers, is it truly so that the humans of this world avoid combat in favor of asking their pokemon to do it for them? My small friend here seems incapable of fighting anything much tougher than a tumbleweed- [A protesting whinny this time.] -and yet I am to rely on it for my defense against all this strange world might strike with?

[It's thoughtfully said, as if this 'Xemnas' has no investment in the question or possible answers.]

[OOC: yeah I stole the sample post off my app. ;_; guilty.]
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If anyone wants a scene outside of normal logs or journal posts, leave a message here. Please leave the date, and what means of communication you're using, be it text, voice, video or in person! Also, voicemail.

"If you don't know who you're contacting or why, don't bother wasting my time. If you do know, leave a message."
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Anon Posting: On. I think.

Have any comments, questions or criticisms of my handling of Xemnas (and AU Xemnas) from Kingdom Hearts? Leave it here!

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